Matilda Turns 30!!!!!

Photograph: Penguin Random House Roald Dahl was one of my favorite authors whenever I stepped into a library or bookshop as a child. And I still find myself swerve towards shelves that showcase his books. Thus, when I read that to mark the 30th anniversary of the first publication of the book Matilda, three sketchesContinue reading “Matilda Turns 30!!!!!”

Roald Dahl 100th Birthday Bash

   I have been so caught up with l things at the library past 2 months that I could not write a post. A lot has happened since and the hard work paid off when I saw the students visit the Library more frequently. They are in anticipation for what next.  In the month ofContinue reading “Roald Dahl 100th Birthday Bash”


YIPPEEE! YIPPEEEEE I am back after a horrible month of sickness. I missed the birthday of the world’s no.1 storyteller “ROALD DAHL”. And I love all his books.So to cover up on what I missed I conducted “Roald Dahl birthday bash” which was actually planned for last month.Anyways students were enthusiastic about this event asContinue reading “SCRUMDIDDLYUMPTIOUS!!!!!!!!!”