Beta Rising by Graham Bower

After reading Earthshine by Graham Bower, I had been eagerly waiting for the release of the second book. So when I saw his book for review I grabbed the opportunity knowing fully well that my coming days were going to be great. My expectations had been high after Earthshine. So when I received Beta Rising I was thrilled. I was rightContinue reading “Beta Rising by Graham Bower”

Finding Freedom: A Ukrainian Tale of Home by  Maryna Kariuk and Ksenia Markevych  

Finding Freedom: A Ukrainian Tale of Home is a wonderful hymn to Ukraine, inspired by the solidarity and bravery of the Ukrainian people. This book is a heartfelt reaching out of a small young girl who discovers her beloved village to be filled within darkness and desolation. She hears people pleading for freedom and wondersContinue reading “Finding Freedom: A Ukrainian Tale of Home by  Maryna Kariuk and Ksenia Markevych  “

Hangwoman by K.R.Meena

Hangwoman by K.R. Meena is a gripping and thought-provoking novel that explores themes of justice, morality, and identity. The book follows the story of Chetna Grddha Mullick, who is the first woman executioner in India, and her struggles to navigate a world where her profession is frowned upon by society. The novel is beautifully written,Continue reading “Hangwoman by K.R.Meena”

The Girl and the Lock on Her Heart by Lauren Lee

“The Girl and the Lock on Her Heart” is a heartwarming and touching story that speaks to both children and adults alike. The central character, a young girl born with a lock on her heart, embarks on a journey to find the key that will unlock her heart and bring her love. The story exploresContinue reading “The Girl and the Lock on Her Heart by Lauren Lee”

Open Access Resources

What are Open Access Resources Open Access Resources are any type of educational materials that are freely and openly available to the public without any access or distribution restrictions. This includes things like journal articles, books, conference papers, theses, and other types of research, as well as educational videos, audio recordings, and other multimedia content.Continue reading “Open Access Resources”

World Read Aloud Day 2023

World Read Aloud Day is an annual event celebrated on the first Wednesday of February to promote literacy and the joy of reading. The day aims to encourage people of all ages to pick up a book and read aloud to others, with the goal of spreading the love of literature and promoting literacy worldwide.Continue reading “World Read Aloud Day 2023”

Tomás and the Library Lady by Pat Mora

This book depicts the real life experiences of Tomás Rivera, a son of migrant workers who valued education and ultimately rose to the position of chancellor at the University of California, Riverside. Tomás is the little son of migrant workers who leave their Texas home to seek employment in Iowa in Tomás and the LibraryContinue reading “Tomás and the Library Lady by Pat Mora”

The Living Mountain by Amitav Ghosh

I chanced upon this book while preparing the collection for my school library. As fan of Amitav Ghosh’s work it was no surprise that I was drawn to this book. At first I was surprised at the puny size of the book unlike the author’s other works which are sizeable 350-400 pages long. Even thoughContinue reading “The Living Mountain by Amitav Ghosh”

The History of the Librarian: From Ancient Times to Modern Day

‍ Librarians are some of the most trusted professionals in the world. So much so that we even have an endearing nickname for them: book lovers. This profession has a long history, and librarians have been an important part of it since the beginning. From the first libraries to today’s digital age, librarians have beenContinue reading The History of the Librarian: From Ancient Times to Modern Day”

The Extraordinary Pause by Sara Sadik

Life as we know completely changed post pandemic. No one was prepared for the outcome of the virus attack. It took the world by surprise like a stealth thief robbing a house in the middle of the night. The world which was running at a high speed , completely slowed down due to the pandemic.Continue reading “The Extraordinary Pause by Sara Sadik”