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Roald Dahl 100th Birthday Bash


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 I have been so caught up with l things at the library past 2 months that I could not write a post. A lot has happened since and the hard work paid off when I saw the students visit the Library more frequently. They are in anticipation for what next.  In the month of September the biggest event ever was organised: ROALD DAHL 100th BIRTHDAY BASH.

Roald Dahl (13 September 1916 – 23 November 1990)

There isn’t a child or adult who has not read at least one book by the famous storyteller. His stories touch everyone across ages, be it “Matilda”, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, The Twits”, the list can go on. And when it’s time to celebrate his birthday and that too his centenary what better than to have a birthday bash in the LRC.

Thus, we at LRC decided to have a week long celebration so that children and staff alike can get some time and spent a few moments to remember the fabulous storyteller. Golden ticket invites were mailed to everyone inviting them to the LRC and participate in some fun activities. The anticipation was set in few days before the event. Students were filled with eagerness to do the fun activities.

As part of fun celebrations, we had set up worksheets ranging from word search to poster making, designing chocolate wrapper, and more. But the most loved was the BFG ears.

We also had our first ever collaborative lesson in the LRC, thanks to Natasha Ma’am and Tanvi Ma’am. They had a lesson about ‘Autobiography and Biography’ in their respective English classes. Using the celebration as the backdrop, each had the class in the Library. There was a reading session by the teacher which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. And we were met with requests from students to have more such classes in the LRC. As the LRC gave them the ambience, learning seemed more fun. There was also an impromptu skit performed by the students. Many students attempted the fun worksheets and also took some home J.

Many teachers also expressed interest in conducting such collaborative lesson in the future. In all this was a rewarding experience for all of us, as we got the chance to celebrate the birthday of this magnificent author and also have fun collaborating for the same.

Do visit the link and checkout the awesome book reading by Natasha Ma’am, and a funny impromptu skit by the students. Watch and enjoy.

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The Land Of Stories


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A regular day at the school library sees me starting the day with a prayer. And then begins the influx of students from grades III to XII. The senior classes are a little thorny bunch. For them to be engaged in reading is hard. Some students do find reading enjoyable and are quiet the moment library is in sight.


But the best time is with the primary section. For them library, reading and the whole process is absolutely new. Their excitement to come to the library is simply so high that they need a lot of time to settle.

As a librarian in the present school, I am facing problems with primary section because their level of reading and comprehending the meaning is rather weak. I have a tough time getting them to sit and read, simply because they are unable to read a sentence without asking word meaning. And by then, they have lost interest in the book.

At such times what comes to my rescue is the story telling session. And to my surprise I found the kids eagerly waiting for more. They are transported to the land of kings, queens, lions, and such. Their eyes sparkle with glee and amusement when the characters are upto their antics.

The most fun class was with grade IV when I narrated a Karadi Tale about the “BLUE JACKAL”. I had the kids make sounds of animals found in the forest. At the end of the story they all howled together to mark the end. It was not only fun but also endearing to see that the magic that stories weave is not dead. We all grew up listening to stories from our mothers and grandmothers. And we all dreamt of being the princess or the fairy.

Yes stories capture the child within us and helps us live the life of the character.  I narrated a few more stories to the kids. In the next class they came up with stories they had heard. They also told me that they had shared the stories I narrated with their parents at home. That’s where I feel I have succeeded. If the story touches their hearts and minds, and makes them retell the story, then I have achieved my purpose as the story reaches more audience.

It is taxing and exhausting, but when I see the smiles and enthusiasm for a new story I find myself gearing up for a new session of story time.